Bioresonance with apere

Understanding bioresonance therapy with the apere-technology.

Understand and apply modern bioresonance

The apere-hybrid-seminar

In our brand new apere-hybrid-seminar, we train you in bioresonance therapy and familiarise you with the conceptual background and the operation of the apere therapy systems.

We show you new practice-relevant approaches, further developments and potentialities of the bioresonance method, which have not been feasible in daily use with the devices available so far.

With the technology that is now available through the apere-BMS, a new level of professionalism can be reached in naturopathic therapy.

Our instructors will introduce you to the device system and provide up-to-date knowledge in bioresonance therapy.

A special highlight of the seminar are the practical exercises where you can convince yourself of the quality of the apere products.

We invite you to test the apere-BMS yourself, while our employees are at your disposal to assist and advise you.

Brand new: An essential component for the online participants is the following practice appointment at your own practice, where these practical exercises can be reproduced live together with an expert employee of apere during half a day.



(important notes: all events are held in german)

29. April – 1. May 2022           LIVE-webinar from therapeutic-house studio

16. – 18. September 2022     Switzerland.      


299,00 EUR incl. VAT; incl. Seminar material and lunch


Please use our contact form for registrations and indicate the desired seminar date.