A high-performance bioresonance device.

A high-performance bioresonance device

apere-BMS basic device

BMS stands for “Bioelectromagnetic Information Moderation System“. With this name, we have chosen a term which precisely describes the therapy method and is tenable in scientific circles.

The modular design of the apere BMS is particularly notable. This feature allows you to add additional modules to your device, and in this way, to constantly specify and individualise your therapy. Thanks to our extensive research, we are already working on new developments that can easily be combined with your BMS basic device in the future. The apere-BMS exclusively works with analogue signal processing. We believe that the analogue processes of a biologically vital system can not be mapped out and reproduced in digital form.

The integrated 10.1 inch touchpad and the turn-and-click wheel guide you intuitively through the therapy settings of the apere-BMS. With the intuitive menu navigation you will quickly learn to implement the desired settings and therapy options to suit your ideas and needs – beyond all therapy programs.

All functions at a glance


The meridian frequency sweep is the frequency filter of the apere-BMS. The working range of the frequency filter has a bandwidth of 0.245 Hz to 4.05 MHz. The special feature is the opening of specific frequency bands, which map the twelve main meridians and the eight Voll’s vessels. Thanks to this targeted filtering, the therapy impulses are specified more precisely.  Sweeping around selected centre frequencies is also possible.

Homeopathic dynamisation

With the apere-BMS you will be able to dynamise the therapy signal to meet homeopathic criteria. The important thing here is that it is not a purely technical amplification of the therapy signal, but an accentuation of the substances in the entrance by a corresponding homeopathic dynamisation. This means that the apere-BMS speaks the language of the biologically vital system.

Phase modulator

The phase modulator allows you to treat your patients with therapy types A or Ai. It is also possible to run therapy type A and Ai alternately.

The modules


The function of the refractor is to interrupt the therapy signal selectively by signal-free times. In this way, the body or the body cell is given the necessary time to respond to the therapy impulse. These targeted interruptions of the therapy signal result in a more effective and shorter therapy time. The refractor has five different time patterns that can be used therapeutically and are calculated on the basis of the physiological and psychological time constants corresponding to the rhythm of nature.


With the resonator, we have created a space in which the electromagnetic field of the patient can react to therapy information, undisturbed by external influences. Thanks to the EMC-shielded resonator, the therapy signal is optimally sharpened without being affected by external influence, such as electrosmog.

Due to the newly developed cable system and a specially developed antenna (bioplasmic activator), the therapy signal is precisely transmitted to the entire biological system of the patient.

With the apere resonator in combination with the apere-BMS, a simultaneous low and high frequency therapy (0.245 Hz – 300 GHz) can be performed for the first time.

With the wide frequency spectrum of the resonator, even the highest range of meridian frequencies can be reached. In addition, high frequencies in a biologically vital system mean a high degree of information compression, which results in an increase in the quality of the therapy due to the high-frequency therapy that is possible with the resonator.


The analogue meridian and chakra frequencies generated in the meridian chakra oscillator are put into beat with the patient’s confused vibrations. This creates a new vibration, which then triggers the healing impulse.

Blood drop module

This module revolutionises remote treatment via the blood drop. It is a quantum therapy that is based on the use of the entanglement principle. Due to the non-local effect, patients can be treated independently of the location.

With the tele-applicator, a shielded double-chambered honeycomb, one drop of blood can be placed both at the entrance AND the exit. This means that the change caused in the patient by the therapy can be directly fed back and included in the ongoing therapy.

Expert control

The expert control offers further individualisation of all settings of the device, such as the selection of individual dynamisation levels in the homeopathic dynamisation, the selection of self-tested times at A and Ai alternately,  your own time settings in the frequency sweep as well as the short- and long-term storage of therapy steps. In this way, you can create your own therapy programs.

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